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Welcome to a new ACTIVE way to face fitness.

Our active
— Way of work

At ACTIVE by Serenity, we are committed in helping you to become the best version of yourself.

We have a highly qualified team of fitness and health professionals ready to design the perfect route to achieve your goals.

With the support of our Personal Trainers and nutritionists, you will get a training and meal plan aligned with your physical condition and with your needs, to assure you can accomplish every stage of the plan.

And we will always be by your side to listen to you, get to know your needs, and motivate you with the right mindset. Our number one priority is for you to improve your performance and to go further. Don’t settle, be optimistic, it’s all about the mind.

— Philosophy

We have a strong belief: that it’s possible to embrace a new life through sports. It has the power to connect people, to change your lifestyle and your perspectives.

Dare to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy new experiences. Try new group classes, challenge your regular workout, and listen to your body, when it asks for a break.

Don’t compare yourself to others, choose your path, and know that the goal is not the finish line, it’s to set your mind to become the best you can be, every day. Dare to start today and feel a positive change.

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— Being Active

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